“The custom of covering or veiling the cross, statues and pictures in a church during the last two weeks of Lent developed in the 17th century.  The covering usually began on the Fifth Sunday in Lent , lasting through the final two weeks of Lent.  According to present liturgical norms, this covering may still be done but it’s not required.”  Bishop Ken Untener, The Little Black Book of Lent

Ancient traditions keep us connected to our past.  Coverings in church look unusual but catch our eye and make us consider why our ancestors started them.  Veils hide crosses, statues, and pictures from us which makes us desire them more.  What hides Christ from us?

Pray for our seniors on the final day of their Kairos retreat.  The theme of the fourth day is “Christ’s message for me.”  Pray for our juniors on the final day of their retreat.  The theme of their day is “My call to discipleship.” Pray for a safe and blessed weekend.  “Your words, Lord, are Spirit and life; you have the words of everlasting life.” (John 6:63c, 68c, from the verse before the Gospel at today’s Mass.)  St. John Berchmans, pray for us.  St. Ignatius Loyola, pray for us.

“We cannot begin to define God’s knowledge.  We know, simply and profoundly, that nothing is hidden from Him or incomprehensible to Him.” – Elizabeth George

Today’s Ignatian Thought is from St. John’s Jesuit’s Pastoral Ministries leader, Mrs. Kim Hall