Titans understand the meaning of  the Latin term Magis, or “the more” we can do for Christ and for others.  To achieve this in the classroom, a student can expect to be appropriately challenged, provided with forward-thinking tools and resources, and taught study habits that are timeless. We want Titans to graduate with critical thinking skills that support a lifelong love of learning. We are committed to individualizing the classroom experience to help each student achieve his personal best. In his time at St. John’s Jesuit, a Titan won’t have to look hard to find a resource, a teacher, a counselor, a coach, or a tutor in the A+ Learning Center who will help him on his journey to success.



77 percent of the class of 2023 received a college scholarship for total earnings of $18.1 million.

AP + Honors Classes

One of the largest AP and Honors programs in the area with 20 AP and 28 honors courses offered.

Career Counseling

As one of the only high schools in Ohio with a Certified Career Services Provider, we strive to empower Titans with a broader understanding of the job market and employment trends.


National Merit Scholarship Recognition

Nearly forty Titans recognized by the National Merit Scholarship Program over the past five years.

A Customized Fit

In choosing St. John’s Jesuit, families benefit from individualized care as well as a creative approach to offering classes that best meet student needs. As a freshman, a student and his counselor create a four-year academic plan; a starting point for Titans to map their path. This plan constantly adapts, and we work with students and their families to assure appropriate rigor. Aside from a robust offering of AP and honors courses, there are a variety of ways we can customize the academic experience at St. John’s Jesuit.

Independent Studies

Provides advanced rigor to the student who demonstrates highest-level need.

edmentum Courses

Provides access to an array of online courses outside of what is currently offered.

College Credit Plus

Provides the advanced student an opportunity to attain early college credit.

Certificate Courses

Provides industry-recognized credential.

A+ Learning Center

To ensure Titans at all academic levels enter college with the competency and work ethic required to independently navigate college life, the A+ Learning Center offers comprehensive support. Modeled after college/university learning centers, the A+ is overseen by a dedicated director, and includes three intervention specialists, a psychologist, an ESL teacher, a research specialist, and several academic tutors. Eighty percent of the student body utilize one or more of the A+ services each year.

A+ Services
  • Professional tutoring
  • Peer tutoring (COVID restrictions may apply)
  • Specially designed instruction*
  • Test and exam review sessions
  • Research assistance
  • Study guides
  • Technological aids
  • Academic coaching
  • Study skills instruction
  • Intervention support
  • Psychoeducational evaluations
  • ADHD assessments (non-diagnostic)
  • Minor Adjustment Plans (MAPs)
  • ACT, PSAT, SAT, and AP Exam accommodation requests

*SJJ is a Jon Peterson Special Needs Scholarship provider

Developing Students with a Global Vision

Through student co-curricular opportunities of the World as One program, the academic experience of a Titan can be enriched through experiences that foster insight and a respect for other beliefs, backgrounds, and cultures.  We are uniquely positioned as a member of the worldwide Jesuit School Network (JSN) to provide virtual and in-person experiences that aid in the formation of students who can think as global citizens and understand the role they play in the world around them.

World as One Academic Enrichment Opportunities
  • In-Person and Virtual JSN Exchanges

  • Host Families

  • Model UN

  • Global Ambassador Program

  • Foreign Service Trips

  • Foreign Language Cross-Cultural Connections

magis society

The Magis Society is a selective academic enrichment program for those students who want to go above and beyond. Through cohort activities, enrichment opportunities, and the Capstone Project, the Magis Society provides a framework for young men to discover, explore, and pursue their interests and passions. Magis students explore ideas in the fine arts, world history, philosophy, science, math, and the humanities. All incoming students will be invited to apply for the program after being accepted to St. John’s Jesuit High School. The program accepts twenty-five freshmen each year.

Image: Peter Cooper ’20 constructed his own remotely operated vehicle (ROV) to research the Lake Erie / Maumee River watershed. He created the design for his ROV, fabricated it, and attached an analog controller with a data collection device.

School Counseling

With three full-time high school counselors and one full-time Academy counselor on staff, academic, social, and personal support is readily accessible. Students are assigned a school counselor for their entire high school tenure ensuring consistency of services and credibility of the student/guidance counselor relationship. At a minimum, Titans connect with a school counselor on a quarterly basis.

Key Areas of School Counselor Focus
  • Classroom progress
  • Social comfort/Interpersonal skills
  • Teacher/Student connections
  • Study skills
  • Identifying extra and co-curricular activities
  • Scheduling and course selection
  • College preparation issues
  • Career assessment

College and Career Counseling 

Close collaboration between college and school counselors is a key advantage for Titans. Students are continuously prompted and guided by school counselors to get out of their comfort zone to achieve the tenets of the ideal “Grad at Grad.” In turn, our college counselors understand how to highlight these efforts. The Office of College and Career Counseling guides a student to bring forth his strengths and attributes, successes and greatest accomplishments when applying for college. We are committed to helping a student and his family through important college preparations. As a Certified Career Services Provider, we compliment the search process by assessing student interests, strengths, and weaknesses to empower Titans to better assess the job market and advanced degrees and programs at colleges that align with long-term goals.

College and Career Services
  • College Admissions Info Nights
  • Essay writing workshops
  • Common Application Boot Camp
  • Financial aid awareness
  • Scholarship searches
  • ACT/SAT Prep
  • Strengths and interest assessments
  • Career exploration workshops

Academic Guidelines

Course Requirements

Mathematics – 4 credits

English – 4 credits

Science – 3 credits

Social Studies – 3 credits

World Language – 3 credits

Theology – 4 credits

Fine Arts – 1 credit

Physical Education – .5 credits

Health – .5 credits

Grade/Percentage Scale and Quality Point Equivalence

100-90 (A) Work of Excellent Quality 4.3-3.5

89-80 (B) Work of Good Quality 3.4-2.5

79-70 (C) Work of Satisfactory Quality 2.4-1.5

69-60 (D) Work of Below Average Quality 1.4-.5

59-0 (F) Failure; Class will need Recovered 0.0


  • Students enrolled in honors level courses will receive an additional .5 quality points.
  • Students enrolled in Advanced Placement courses will receive an additional 1. 0 quality points.


At St. John’s Jesuit, a long-standing tradition and graduation requirement is Senior Project, an educational experience that is designed and planned to nurture personal growth and responsibility. Senior Project provides the opportunity for  a Titan to demonstrate the skills developed during his time at St. John’s, as well as the chance to reflect on personal growth and the importance of  his role in the community.


“Senior Project was one of the most memorable times that I’ve had at SJJ. Being able to go out into a job I knew little about and get first hand experience, was incredible.” 

– Payton Moyer ’19 


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