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Wolf & Kettle Week

Wolf & Kettle Week – March 18-22, 2024
A New Tradition of Fundraising, Service, and Gratitude 

St. Ignatius of Loyola inspired a worldwide network of Jesuit schools that challenge students daily to find God in all things. This challenge is intended for the most ordinary and sometimes uncomfortable tasks in life. In keeping this spirit alive, we have revamped our traditional Titan Drive into much more than an ask for money. Our annual student fundraiser is now tied to a week-long school-wide Christian service initiative known as Wolf & Kettle Week.

the story

The story of the wolf and kettle dates back centuries to the Loyola family of Spain. There lived a prosperous and generous family who, after feeding family, retainers, and soldiers, had enough to feed even the wild animals. To commemorate this act of generosity, a carving of two wolves eating at a cauldron was placed over the lintel of the family’s home. Many centuries later, St. Ignatius of Loyola would be born into this family and would go on to establish the Jesuit order and change the world. Many Jesuit educational organizations celebrate this culture and history of generosity that speaks to our mission of being Men for Others.

Wolf & Kettle Week at st john’s

Wolf & Kettle Week is a new approach to student fundraising at St. John’s Jesuit which is inspired by our mission of developing Men for Others.  The SJJ Christian Service Program has powerfully impacted thousand of Titan graduates over the last three decades.  Our students understand that a faith that acts often means meeting marginalized community needs.  Through these experiences, often made possible by generous donors, our mission at SJJ is at work.

During Wolf & Kettle Week, we hope to more fully honor the generosity of all those who contribute to making a St. John’s Jesuit education possible.  Students have been assigned to serve at a local agency the week of March 18, 2024 and asked to seek sponsors with the goal of raising $200 each. Many of these agencies SJJ students have served for a long time. Some are brand new. Additionally, two charities will receive a portion of the total dollars raised.

Sponsorship Levels

AMDG Sponsor: $1000 (transportation, lunches, t-shirts, supplies)
Wolf Sponsor: $500
Kettle Sponsor: $250
Sponsor a Titan: $100, $50, other (each student has a goal to raise $200)

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